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Event Management in Islamabad

April 17, 2024

Event management in Islamabad refers to the professional practice of planning, organizing, and executing events in Islamabad, Pakistan. It encompasses the entire lifecycle of an event, from conception and budgeting to execution and post-event evaluation. Event managers oversee all the details to ensure a smooth and successful event.

Event Catering Services:

Event catering is a service that provides food and beverages for various types of gatherings, including weddings, corporate events, parties, and celebrations. The scope of event catering can vary widely, from simple meal deliveries to full-service options where every aspect of dining and guest service is managed by the catering company. Here’s a breakdown of what event catering typically involves and some key considerations when planning to use such services.

Types of Event Catering:

  1. Full-Service Catering: This includes all aspects of the event's food and beverage services, from the initial planning and menu customization to the preparation, presentation, and serving of the food. Full-service catering often also involves setting up dining areas, arranging table settings, providing waitstaff, and cleaning up after the event.
  2. Buffet Style: Popular for less formal events, this style allows guests to serve themselves from a variety of dishes set up on one or more tables. It can be more economical and allows guests to choose what they like, but it may also require careful planning to manage queues and food quantities.
  3. Plated Meals: Each guest is served a pre-determined plate of food, typically involving multiple courses. This style is formal and requires more staff to prepare and serve the meals, making it generally more expensive than buffet-style catering.
  4. Drop-Off Catering: In this model, the caterer prepares the meals and delivers them to the event location. This service usually includes disposable dishes and cutlery, and is ideal for casual events, business meetings, or gatherings where no service staff is needed.
  5. Cocktail Receptions: These events typically feature small, easy-to-eat finger foods and appetizers along with a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. They are great for socializing and networking events.


Naveed Caterers & Event Management:

Naveed caterers & Decorators has been established and working successfully since 1998. We have our own warehouses, kitchens, entire labor force, specialists with a complete range of decoration equipment and other material that is required for, and suits every particular occasion. We currently have a staff of 200+ members and 10 vehicles. We have the resources and capability of arranging catering event up to 10000 guests on 72 hours notice. We have security clearance in even the most sensitive areas of the country.